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Everyday, we fight battles with our passwords. sCrib™ tries to help, it fits in your pocket, it is smart, and it is fun to use. You install nothing - just plug it in and use it.

We are introducing our new product - sCrib™ (smart crib). The product targets the problem of weak passwords and introduces two-factor authentication without any requirements on back-end infrastructure.


Password sCrib is a small but powerful password management dongle.

The main product features are:

  • Easy to use set of cryptographically secure passwords - the strength is comparable to 3DES or AES keys.
  • No software or drivers required on the computer.
  • You can use it out-of-the-box - no configuration required.
  • It protects against many keyloggers.
  • It works with any computer with USB ports regardless of operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac).
  • It provides up to three one-time password (OTP) generators - OATH HOTP protocol with eight digits' passwords.
  • Can be controlled from a keyboard or used just with its buttons.

Benefits for SME, corporate and governmental customers include:

  • Two-factor authentication with low deployment cost - no changes to back-end servers required.
  • Reduction of hot-desk support cost - one password reset costs between £5-£40.
  • 5 to 10 % of users forget their passwords every month when password policies are enforced. Compare with 10 % of dongles lost per year.
  • Enables very strong password policies - 20 characters' long random passwords.
  • Instant deployment of strong authentication - two factor, one time passwords (OTP) when and where required.
  • Eliminates threats of remote dictionary attacks on user accounts.
  • Reduces threats caused by malware in Technology risk assessments and audits.
  • Improves organisation's flexibility to provide secure access to its IT resources - instantly usable for Windows authentication (as well as Linux and Mac), web services, secure VPN connections, and others.


The product will be ready for sale in June. We are also looking for users ready to work with us on usability testing of sCrib.

Smart Architects is an early stage start-up company based in Cambridge. Its primary focus is on computer security and cryptography. While funded internally, it is getting ready to raise equity funding for its subsidiary company Smart Crib Ltd.

More information:

  • product's web site -;
  • product summary consumers and SMEs - PDF;
  • product summary for large organisations - PDF; and
  • any other information - .

Patents Pending GB 1022133 and 1108792.